Monday, March 31, 2014


Just Poured Testers

2 weeks later (I put them back in the mold just for the picture)

So the SOAP fragrances have been tested in room temperature cold process soap.

I used my standard palm oil free recipe with Rice Bran, Shea Butter, Coconut, Organic fair trade unrefined Cocoa Butter, & Avocado oil. I did not add any colorant because I wanted to be able to report any discoloration.

Each bar is about 4oz and I added about .10 oz of fragrance per poured bar. All of the bars had soda ash and did not gel. I flipped them over so you can see their underbellys without soda ash.

I also opted to not include a water discount (which I normally include) since I wasn't sure what I would be up against in terms of how the fragrances would behave. I left the superfat at 7%.

Overall they all soaped easily. The last bar (single in the last row) is my control bar which I have been using on my face and it smells like a decadent hunk of cocoa due to the high organic unrefined cocoa butter content.

Scent 1: This scent mellowed out a bit after a week and smells a lot like true Haitian Vetiver. It has a smokey tone that is really pleasant but it isn't simply like "smoke," it's more of a refined scent. Definitely would appeal to men and women who like darker scents. I still love it but it is so close to true Vetiver (which I already use in some of my recipes) that it could be used as a more cost effective substitute. This one is nice on its own but could also be excellent for blending.

Scent 2: Smells mostly like green apple candy. Still bright and perky.

Scent 3: Discolors to brown. Smells like a cross between a cherry root beer float or a cherry cough drop.

Scent 4: Discolors to a butterscotch. It is a perfume-y beachy scent. Scent stayed true and is sticking.

Scent 5:  Pours fluorescent yellow then discolors to a butterscotch. My cocoa butter is in a tug of war with this scent so I am not sure how it will fare long term. The scent has mellowed some and smells like a vanilla berry punch.

Scent 6: Wow! What a smooth scent. It has lost the overpowering detergent scent and is definitely a mellow, clean but subtly romantic scent. It would make a beautiful linen spray and I imagine the soap would appeal to women who prefer spa fragrances. No discoloration.

Scent 7: The green notes are coming through. Still smells like a delicious grapefruit spritzer with some muddled herbs. No discoloration.

Scent 8: Citronella, citronella, citronella. It's all I smell. No discoloration.

I also wanted to say that this little mold is an excellent scent testing mold.
-You can make a little single bar for yourself to try a new fragrance without purchasing a huge amount of fragrance.
- It minimizes the amount of raw materials you need to use in order to test.
- It is super easy to clean and the prep for pouring soap is ZILCH!

I think I may start using it for salt bars since they are such a bear to cut and require a huge time commitment to CPOP and catch at just the right time for slicing with minimal crumbling.

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