Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fragrance review of S.O.A.P. fragrances from Bramble Berry

So here are the basic reactions to the scents for S.O.A.P. from Bramble Berry:

Scent 1: I LOVE this one!!!! I hope it is introduced to the main line because I think it will do well (although I have yet to soap it!). It is a masculine/unisex blend with notes of leather, smoke, wood, and a smooth sweet note (not too sweet - almost clean). It is reminiscent of bonfire bliss from another supplier (without the marshmallow/sugar notes) but is far more top notch and far more realistic. If they bring this to the main line I will redo my Fires at Midnight soap because this is a dead-ringer for what I imagine when I hear that old Tull song.
I adore it! This one is brilliant and I want it all for myself!!

Scent 2: This one initially made me think of the candy Nerds. After that initial impression it balanced out to have lots of a tart green apple and maybe a ripe melon, like cantaloupe. It's sugary at first but mellows out to a sweet fruity scent. Kids would love this and so would all you fruity fans.

Scent 3: This one....this reminds me of several things. It reminds me of Luden's cherry cough drops and maybe a subtle note of an old vanilla paraffin candle burnt to the stub. It opens with notes of cherry and finishes with a powdery, burnt vanilla base.

Scent 4: I cannot place this scent but it reminds me of some sort of facial mask I had when I was a tween so it brings me back. It's very beach-y, green, slightly herbal. The notes I came up with are lemon, ginger, white tea, and musk. A spa scent. It's really nice, very pleasant, and is slightly soothing.

Scent 5: This smells like a berry holiday punch with a deeper hint of red wine..... or maybe even Raspberry Sangria? It could definitely dual wield as a summer wine scent and then a holiday spiked punch scent. It's nice and fruity but not sugary sweet....more body.

Scent 6: To me this smells like a blend of Lavender and Siberian Fir Needle or Pine. To my daughter it smells like dish and/or laundry detergent. It's very clean and fresh but I feel like there is definitely some sort of Lavender in there with some of the brisk pine notes. Brisk - there you go, it's brisk smelling.

Scent 7: First sniff was "bubblegum??" Second + sniffs brought: Grapefruit, watermelon, and bunches of berries. This is a fruity tooty.

Scent 8: I smell straight Citronella & Lemongrass.

Overall it seems like a lot of fruity stuff is in the works for summer. I am not a fruity girl personally so with that said.......

I plan to do the test soaps this coming week after I get the survey from Bramble Berry to fill out. Since I am all the way in the north east I think I may have been the last person for the package to arrive too and it's a weekend so Monday, Monday, Monday....

I will also update with the soaping results and an update with how the scents are when they have been used in product.


  1. How exciting! Bonfire Bliss is one of my ultimate favorite scents, so number one sounds fantastic! Your description of number three makes me think of a cherry tobacco fragrance my honey loves. I like the sound of number 6 too.

    1. Ahh bonfire bliss! Such a dreamy scent and when you mix it with some patchouli or vetiver or oakmoss well.... I would carry it in my pocket!

  2. Your comments are funny! Seriously, I really admire you testers because I find it so hard to pick out the different smells that make up the entire scent.

    Scent 5 sounds delicious and so does 7. Looking forward to what you do with these scents.

    1. Oh man, I have no idea if I picked out anything correctly (I doubt it) but it's just what triggers my brain when I smell it. I had my daughter and husband smell them separately to see if they corroborated what I was picking up and for the most part they did.

    2. That's the fun of it though, right? You get to see how much you and the other testers agree on what the scents are. :)